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I / We, _______________ , agree to abide by this Private Agreement with , Kryptiks Lair on said White German Shepherd  Dog tattoo # RJZ ____

Any Violations and / or breach of this Private Agreement will constitute an agreed amount of set fines as follows:

$5,000.00 fine for each breeding breach

$2,000.00 fine for each offspring of the said White German Shepherd Dog tattoo # RJZ  ____ 

The breaching party is responsible for all legal expenses. If this dog is bred while this Private Agreement is in effect , ownership and physical possession of the dog tattoo #  RJZ _____ and all offspring, shall immediately revert to the breeder with no compensation to the buyer.

I / We will not breed the said White German Shepherd Dog tattoo #  RJZ ____ . I / We understand if I breed the one said White German Shepherd Dog tattoo #  RJZ ____ on purpose or by accident , will constitute a violation of both this Private Agreement and the Non-Breeding Contract filed with the Canadian Kennel Club {Animal Pedigree Section Act }Section 15.1 of the clubs by-laws.

And the set fines are due and payable immediately to Kryptiks Lair.

I have read and undertand this Private Agreement and agree to abide by it